Moreno Valley parents fight to keep school principal


Principals who succeed at turning around failing schools are being transferred to help other schools. The end of the school year has parents fighting to bring back a beloved and successful school principal at Midland Elementary School.

"He is a very important asset to our school," said parent Rosie Venegas. "He helps us with anything we might need. If kids need him, he is always there with their concerns and we don't want to lose him."

Venegas has three children enrolled at Midland Elementary which is lead by Principal Todd Flowers. Next fall the Moreno Valley School District is assigning Flowers to another school due to his success at turning failing schools around.

"It is bitter sweet," said Superintendent Judy White. "I am so happy to have parents involved at this level, that's willing to speak up with their voices to say 'we want our principal.' But my goal is to have every school in Moreno Valley Unified School District have principals that everyone is saying 'we are happy and they are our heroes.'"

The district is replacing five principals who are retiring this year. In the shuffle, four principals from achieving schools will go to underperforming ones.

That is not sitting well with parents who signed a petition asking district officials to reconsider.

"My proposal would be to do a workshop," said Camelo Adams from the Parent Teacher Organization. "If you put a new principal there, have Mr. Flowers go over there once a week to help to mentor him, therefore start building a structure."

As for the Flowers- he is humbled by it all.

"It's all part of the job that's why we sign up for it," said Flower. "Help Midland, help another school and I am sure throughout my career I'll be asked to help out in other situations."

But parents say they aren't ready to let go.

"We still need him, we still want him there," said Venegas "And he still has a lot to do for our school."

Friday is the last day of school for children at Midland Elementary and it will also be the last day for Mr. Flowers if the district doesn't change its mind.

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