3-year-old missing girl surrendered to police


Galen Day brought his daughter, Elizabeth, to the Los Angeles Police Department northeast station about 4:15 p.m. Sunday to be handed over to her mother, Jenna Johnston.

No arrests have been made.

The investigation is continuing to see if any charges will be filed.

The parents have joint custody but the girl's mother reported her abducted when she was not returned on time. Galen Day was expected to fly into LAX with the girl Friday, but they did not show up.

The girl's mother, Jenna Johnston, waited for hours in the baggage claim area and eventually found the father's luggage along with her daughter's bags. Johnston claimed the luggage and went to her Los Angeles home.

When Johnston tried to call the father, he hung up on her. The next day, Galen Day contacted a mutual friend and said he and his daughter were in a hotel somewhere in Los Angeles. He would not disclose his exact location and said he did not want to talk to the Johnston.

"Both the child and the father were on the flight, did land in Los Angeles, but never went to pick up their baggage and did not meet with the mother," said Karen Rayner of the Los Angeles Police Department. "They got a call June 11 from a family friend and said the father had no intentions of meeting with the mother and had no intention of returning the child."

Elizabeth Day lives two weeks at a time with her mother in Los Angeles and with her father in Atlanta. Authorities said her parents had just worked out a new custody agreement.

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