Save money, calories with smaller appetizers


"What's great about this kind of party, too, is that you have so much variety, so people have so many flavors," said Chef Eddy Rocq, owner of Rocq Catering.

Rocq is a fan of throwing a party with appetizers or tapas that provide a lot of variety for not so much money.

"So that's great to have those different items for everybody to try different flavor and to also show your skills as a cook," said Rocq.

Especially when time and money are tight, it's nice to have a gathering with small bites that don't take a big bite out of your wallet.

Rocq said when you are averaging the amount of food you will need, you want to plan at least five savory foods and three sweets. And when it comes to each bite average, do one to two pieces per person.

For his petite portion party, he created tasty zucchini leek cakes, bouillabaisse with crostini, turkey sliders and little halibut bites.

"For example the halibut, we have six pieces, but how many ounces is it? It's very small. So with one pound of halibut, you can at least serve 10 people," Rocq said.

There are even better financial odds with making baby burgers.

"A pound of turkey you can probably make about 25 patties," said Rocq.

Serving containers can be just about anything small: large spoons, forks, candle votives, or shot glasses for soup, which also cuts down on cleanup.

To make your serving space beautiful, use different sized plastic containers to add height and definition when displaying your delicious dishes.

And what's a party without dessert? With the money you save, you could splurge on macaroons, or simply whip up a petite sweet.

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