Former porn star says Weiner asked her to lie


Ginger Lee, an exotic dancer, said during a news conference on Wednesday that she exchanged about 100 emails with Weiner between March and June. The communication was initially about health care and Planned Parenthood, but after he viewed the stripper's blog, his messages took a twist.

"'I have wardrobe demands too. I need to highlight my package,"' Weiner wrote to Lee in an email read by attorney Gloria Allred.

In another message, Weiner said, "All right my package and I are not going to beg. We both see the hazard of going down the path of comparative sexiness."

But Lee said she never reciprocated when the conversation headed in a sexual direction.

"I did not 'sext' Anthony Weiner. I did not send photos to him or receive any from him," Lee said.

Lee said when the media found out that she was one he allegedly sent sex-related messages to, she was hounded by reporters, and she watched the scandal unfold on TV.

"Once it got to the point that he lied on national television, I knew that anything I said after that would have to be a lie or an admission. I didn't want to do either," she said.

Lee said Weiner coached her on how to deny the online communication, and she called on Weiner to resign.

"He lied to the public and to the press for more than a week. It might have never turned into this if he had told the truth, but he kept lying," she said. "If he lied about this, I can't have much faith in him about anything else."

After the press conference, Lee performed at a strip club in Atlanta. Promoters said she would be totally nude on stage and that the club would charge its standard $10 cover.

On Capitol Hill, there is a chorus of calls for Weiner to resign. Republicans have vowed to strip him of committee assignments if he doesn't. Lee said she stands ready to testify before any House committee investigating the scandal and will turn over all the electronic communication they exchanged.

There is no specific word on whether Lee plans any legal action, but her attorney made clear that Lee had suffered emotionally from this episode and had lost time from work as she hid from reporters.

Weiner is currently on a two-week leave of absence for unspecified treatment. His wife and aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, returned home on Tuesday night from an overseas trip. Sources told ABC News that he has been waiting for her to make any decision.

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