Cool Kid helps inspire Special Olympics athletes


"Definitely learning the routines helped them with their focus and with their strength. But also, here at this gym, we help them boost their self confidence and self esteem. And we talk to them and they love having those conversations," said Jarrah.

When she learned that funding cuts would eliminate many from the program, Jarrah stepped up to do more for her athletes. She and a friend, Lily Hubbard, decided to put on a fundraiser to raise money for some families that could not afford to send their kids to the gym.

It is obvious to others that Jarrah is perfect for the kids in this program.

"She relates to them, she's gentle. She finds her way right in it so she's very observant, very kind and very wanting to make it a good situation for them," said Ose Dalldorf, director of special education.

In good or tough times, Jarrah gives and gets so much joy.

"When they have struggles with their routines and they mess up a little bit, I tell them, it's OK. Then they get back and do it and they become so happy when they finally overcome it and that makes me so happy," she said.

Raising money or raising hope and self esteem, Jarrah Korba makes these athletes feel truly special.

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