Murdered Irvine woman mourned by loved ones

IRVINE, Calif.

Police say John Agosta shot and killed Alejandra Hernandez near the Irvine Daycare Center on the 18000 block of Via Siena where she worked.

The shooting happened Thursday afternoon across the street where the 29-year-old taught pre-school in Irvine.

The shooting sparked a huge manhunt for the suspect. After more than two hours, police arrested her 32-year-old estranged husband at an apartment complex in Mission Viejo.

"She was just trying to get a restraining order and the court wouldn't give it to her," said Hernandez's sister.

The Orange resident and stepmother to Agosta's three children filed for divorce in February. According to court documents, Hernandez received a temporary restraining order against her husband in February, citing domestic violence.

Court records show the temporary restraining order expired March 21. Hernandez tried to get another order issued in May. A hearing was scheduled last week, but for some reason Hernandez didn't show up.

Agosta is accused of killing her one week later.

Family and friends gathered to pray near the spot where Hernandez was shot and killed.

"Gorgeous, wonderful, bright-spirited she's going to be greatly missed," said friend Simona Aguilera.

"Last night when we finally put together it was her it was just shocking," said Irvine resident Brian Chew. "I just saw her on Wednesday when I dropped off my child and now she's gone. It's just so sad."

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