Cameron Diaz talks new movie 'Bad Teacher'


Diaz's character is trying to raise money for breast implants so she helps out at the school car wash, possibly so she can skim a little off the top. It's one of those movie moments.

"That car wash scene is a very athletic endeavor," said Diaz. "One false move and it gets really ugly. It turns ugly quick," she said.

"/*Bad Teacher*/" is clearly an R-rated comedy.

"People say raunchy. To me, raunchy means that you're making an effort, you know what I mean? And for us, I think we were just sort of like, we just didn't really care," said Diaz. "I think that that's the kind of comedy this is, it doesn't care what people think."

"Bad Teacher" also stars Diaz's former boyfriend /*Justin Timberlake*/, /*Jason Segel*/, Phyllis Smith and Lucy Punch. It opens in theaters on Friday, June 24.

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