OC family assaulted in home-invasion robbery


Police have not been called to the residence in the past. Police say there is not gang affiliation or criminal activity in the family.

Rose Doan says she was desperate to get help. Her feet and hands were duct-taped as she escaped through the window of her Santa Ana home.

Rose says at about 10 p.m. Wednesday, she and her 58-year-old husband, David, were having dinner outside when at least four intruders entered the home and tied up their 16-year-old son. Rose didn't know anything was wrong until she walked inside. She says three suspects jumped her.

"They pulled me to his room and I see my son. At that point I was scared for my son's life. He was tied to his chair. I was so scared," said Rose.

She says five minutes later, her husband came inside.

"One had a handgun and put it to my head," said David.

David says he fought back as suspects tried to subdue him by hitting him over the head and blinding him with pepper-spray. He managed to wrestle scissors away from another suspect.

"I never gave up," said David.

At the same time in the bedroom, another suspect was making demands.

"He says, 'Where's the money?' They asked me that, I said, 'I'll give you anything you want, just don't touch us,'" said Rose.

Rose says when the suspect left the room, she tried, but was unable to untie her son. She decided all she could do was try to get to the neighbors' house to call police.

"There's up to six suspects all dressed in black, all wearing ski masks and hooded sweatshirts," said Santa Ana Police Corporal Anthony Bertagna.

David says at least one suspect who removed a mask as they ran away is a female teenager.

The Doans spoke about their ordeal hoping those responsible realize they're just hard-working people who didn't deserve this.

"It's not right. It's not right for anybody to do this," said Rose.

Police said the suspects got away with about $40,000 in cash and jewelry.

Anyone with information about the case should contact the Santa Ana Police Dept. at (714) 245-8400.

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