Future musician helps kids find good pets


Nakul Palaniswamy is a cool kid who is keeping an eye on our furry friends.

"It's actually a nice thing because I just go there and get to play with the dogs and kind of get them happy," says Nakul Palaniswamy. "And I also help the families that come in find and choose a dog."

Volunteering at the Agoura Hills Animal Shelter gives Nakul the joy of seeing young children meeting their new pets.

"In the beginning, it's always a little awkward," says Nakul. "Because the dog will walk away. But soon enough, the dog will get used to it, and then soon enough, the kid and the dog will be playing fetch or something. It's nice to see that."

Nakul is an aspiring musician who recently visited India. There he got the idea to use his talents to help animals in that part of the world.

"Once I get some money, I'll go to India and start a shelter, an animal shelter," said Nakul. "And then part of the money, like when I sell the song, whatever that money, I'm going to just give that to charity."

Nakul is a sophomore at Fusion Academy and Learning Center. People there recognize the scope of his musical abilities.

"He's realizing there is talent. How do I use it? That's a dream come true," says Ryan Loucks, Nakul's music teacher. "So when he has the confidence that he knows he can do it and when he sees it being done and watches it actually happen, all he wants to do is more."

Nakul Palaniswamy is someone who cares for animals. And he's using all his talents to help them near and far. That makes him our Cool Kid.

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