'Cars 2' drives into theaters with new story


John Turturro joins Owen Wilson, back as Lightning McQueen in "Cars 2."

Lightning's best friend, Mater, is also back with actress Emily Mortimer behind the wheel of Holley Shiftwell.

Mater drives into center stage for the sequel. He's a fish out of water, joining Lightning on a World Grand Prix race.

"I related to a ton of it. I'm the same way. I'm from a small town," said actor Daniel Lawrence Whitney, better known as Larry the Cable Guy. "I never really saw a lot of stuff until I started doing standup, so I completely put myself in those situations Mater was in, made it a lot easier to do the lines."

Mortimer admitted she sees herself in her car character.

"They've got an essence in there, especially with the mouth. It's very amazing how they do it," she said.

Whitney is especially proud of a hat the Marines gave him during the first "Cars" movie.

"The only camouflaged 'Cars' hat in the world. They made me one special, and nobody in the world has a camouflaged Disney Pixar 'Cars' hat," he said.

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