Tom Hanks rides scooter, surprises fans at 'Larry Crowne' premiere


Hanks is taking the red carpet by storm on foot and on scooter. He rode one in "Larry Crowne," and he rode one to the premiere, surprising fans along the way.

"I went for scooter comfort because I didn't want to come up dressed like you," Hanks said to me. "Because I was riding this piece of junk old Yamaha held together with duct tape."

Hank's character is going to community college because he was fired from his job for not having a college degree. Hank apparently already has a master's in making a movie set a fun place to be.

"It was a happy set," said Julia Roberts. "Your boss really creates that experience, and so to work for someone who really values people's happiness is a joy."

George Takei called Hank a joyful person.

"He loves everybody on the set," said Takei. "His energy is so infectious."

Hanks also praised Takei.

"He's more fun than Mr. Microphone. I mean, there's not anybody that doesn't love George," said Hanks.

Many of Hanks' co-stars are beyond excited that they get to be a part of this movie.

"The fact that he chose me - I remember when that really hit me. I was like, 'Wow!'" said Maria Canals-Barrera.

"To be able to work with Tom and be able to be directed by him and be able to improvise with him, man, it's very validating," said Wilmer Valderrama.

Rami Malek said he feels a great kinship with Hanks.

"We have a great relationship and working with him has been one of the highlights of my life," said Malek.

Guga Mbatha-Raw was taking in the moment on the red carpet.

"This is my first movie premiere. This is very special. It's quite surreal. I'm slightly pinching myself, so I'm glad you got it on camera," said Mbatha-Raw.

"Larry Crowne" opens on Friday. I really enjoyed it.

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