Boy, 3, unscathed by fall from second floor window


Andrew Dauria pushed through a screen window at the family's home on Monday and fell on the concrete driveway below.

"I'm just blessed that he's OK and there's nothing wrong with him," said the boy's mother, Brittany Dauria.

Dauria says they were upstairs lying on a bed next to the window, which happened to be open to let cool air into the home.

"He pressed against the screen and when I grabbed him he slipped," she said.

"We were all screaming like, 'Oh my God,'" said Andrew's aunt, Kristen Dauria. "I ran down as quick as I could, it was less than 30 seconds, I got down and got the baby."

When she picked up her nephew, she was amazed that other than the child crying, he appeared to be OK.

Victorville police said it was an accident and no one at the house will face charges, but they say parents should be more cautious now that it's summertime.

"We have windows that are now open, we have blinds that are now up, which now expose children and pets to the cords," said Karen Hunt of the Victorville Police Department.

Windows aren't the only thing parents should look out for this time of year.

"We've certainly had a lot of near drowning that have happened recently, and thankfully they've been 'near,' so we'd like to prevent them altogether," she said.

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