LA County shoppers ready for ban on plastic bags


The ban on plastic bags is spreading. Many cities no longer allow stores to offer them, and beginning Friday, L.A. County will join the plastic-bag ban. L.A. County supervisors passed the ban on plastic bags in November.

"I think it's a great idea because there's so many of those bags out there. It's ridiculous," said Chris Barnett of Stevenson Ranch.

For stores, the bags are cheap, and for customers, they are convenient. But once they get into the environment, they can be a long-lasting eye sore.

The big problem with the plastic bags is pollution. Once they get into the environment, they can stick around for months or even years.

Still, not everyone is happy about the ban.

"I don't really like it," said Steve Geltz of Stevenson Ranch, calling it a hassle for a lot of people.

Instead of the plastic, stores in L.A. County will offer paper for a 10-cent charge per bag. Customers can also use canvas bags, which many have already turned to.

"I prefer them. They're easier on the hands," said Shelly Valencia of Valencia.

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