Cool Kid helps leprosy patients in India


"There they're not treated like human beings. And they have so much love and just to show them love," she said.

In addition, Ashley taught at a special school for the children of the patients in India.

"It's so overwhelming and you just see how much they can love without even knowing you. They appreciate it so much and that's how I know I'm supposed to be there," she said.

This work with Rising Star Outreach has given Ashley the inspiration to continue her charity work.

"I'm going to college to study non-profit business and special ed. I'm going to apply for jobs that have to do with that. But I definitely want to go to different places and do more to help," said Ashley.

She is aware of the life she has and how she can affect the lives of others.

"I've been blessed with so much and been given so much. And I really feel like it's my responsibility and everybody's responsibility to go out of their comfort zone and help those who need stuff," Ashley said.

Opening her heart to the world is our /*Cool Kid*/, Ashley Punderson.

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