Riverside family claims eviction is retaliation


For the past 10 months Tiffany Jimenez and her family have been dealing with their problem: roaches on the walls, in the sink and in the cabinet where the roach spray is kept.

"Since the day that I moved in here, August 25, 2010, I have been requesting for a fumigator to come out for roaches," said Jimenez. "Still to this day nothing has been done."

Then came a leak. Jimenez says an upstairs toilet overflowed and came pouring into her downstairs apartment.

"In the light fixture it was dripping down onto my bed. You can still see stains where it was running down," said Jimenez.

Jimenez says her repeated attempts to get repairs were met with an eviction notice in December after the management company claimed she didn't include her fiance's name on the lease.

The eviction was eventually rescinded after a mediator stepped in and proved the fiance's name was in fact there.

Jimenez is facing eviction once again. This time the management company is accusing her of vandalizing the property management's car. Jimenez denies the claim.

"I want out. I do want out and I'm tired of all the harassment. I feel this is retaliation," said Jimenez.

Pama Management owns the apartment complex. The company has been given an "F" rating by the Better Business Bureau for 20 unresolved complaints filed by tenants since 2009.

A consultant for Pama would not speak to Jimenez's specific situation but said residents in the process of being evicted have vandalized property and threatened management.

"(Pama Management) has improved their properties and the quality of lives for the people who reside there," said the consultant, Ken Weldon, in a statement.

"I am always on them to fix something because they don't do it. I think they just want me out," said Jimenez.

Jimenez says she is saving up to leave. But she doesn't want an eviction to haunt her as she searches for somewhere else to live.

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