'General Hospital' stars' side-job: A rock band


"Scott Reeves is a rock star. Bradford should be on Broadway and Brandon is, you know, he's a throwback to the sixties, man. The guy's so awesome," said Burton. "I'm a huge fan of all of them. I'm on stage just kind of like, 'Wow.'"

Barash said they started the band because they wanted another creative outlet.

"We figured we're all musical types so why not put that to use? Whether one person hears us or a thousand people will hear us, it didn't matter to us," he said.

Turns out, a lot of people are hearing Port Chuck. The group's debut album, "Port Chuck Volume 1," is a hit on CDBaby.com, and they gain more fans every time they play a new city.

"What's been cool is they come out not really knowing what to expect from a musical standpoint. They're just excited to be there to see these characters that they know and love. But then they get to see another side of us and they're, I think they're pleasantly surprised," said Reeves.

The soap stars are flexible on the road and all take on different roles, including businessman and cook. They're happy for the attention and the chance to show their different sides to their fans.

"It's definitely a shock for people that I actually have a personality," said Burton. "You know, I'm famous for one look. I do it very well and it's made my whole career."

But now Burton and his bandmates have second careers.

Port Chuck will make its Los Angeles debut on Friday, July 22 at The Sportmen's Lodge in Studio City. To purchase tickets, go to Eventbrite.com.

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