Ventura woman arrested for bug-spray attack


Police say the woman had an argument with a neighbor, but they're not sure why she apparently turned her anger on the child.

The alleged victim, identified as Cristal Hernandez, said she was outside of her home with other children when Jeanette Rohde was arguing with another resident in the 350 block of N. Ventura Avenue.

Hernandez told ABC7 in an exclusive interview that the suspect said, "There's some cockroaches here," referring to the children, and then sprayed her in the face.

"She actually did it in my cheeks ... she was close to doing my eyes," Hernandez said.

Hernandez said she fled from Rohde and washed her face.

"She just snapped, that's all I can say," said the suspect's roommate, identified only as Ryan. "She has maybe anger issues, so that's all I can say."

Rohde was arrested on Tuesday for child endangerment and assault with a bug spray. She remains in police custody.

"We treat this very seriously. Both crimes are felonies," said Sgt. Jack Richards of the Ventura Police Department.

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