Cool Kid Chandra offers support to homeless


"Just one or two times a year wasn't enough for me," she said.

Then Chandra found out at church that there was a ministry that goes twice a month. She volunteers with the Hands of Hope ministry through the Abundant Living Family Church in Rancho Cucamonga, and they give out more than just food and clothing.

"Me and the other people in our groups, we're just there to give them that support and let them know that through faith and hope, they can get on their feet and make something of their lives," Chandra said.

There are many people doing many good deeds, but Chandra stands out among them.

"Usually, you don't find a lot of young people who are willing to do this, donate their time, especially to the community. But she gets out there, she helps the people out there, she fellowships. She's just a great commodity and asset to our team," said Sharona Perkins, director of Hands of Hope.

Chandra gives a lot of time and effort to help these people. The results give her a great feeling.

"I can see that these people are actually trying to make something better of their lives. I guess it's cool to know that I was a part of this," she said.

When life gets discouraging for some people, Cool Kid Chandra Greer is there with a Hand of Hope.

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