Milwaukee mom turns own kids over to police for stealing


That scenario happened to Kizzy from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and she decided to turn in her own kids to police.

Kizzy, only going by her first name, says she recognized her children on the news and asked them if they were part of a recent mob looting that took place at a nearby convenience store.

The kids confessed, so Kizzy says she had no choice but to turn them in.

"This is not the kind of kids that I'm raising to do stuff like this," said Kizzy. "I feel like I put all my hard work and energy into my children, and for them to go out into the community and do things like that is just is just not acceptable."

Kizzy's kids received citations for disorderly conduct, retail theft and breaking curfew. Meantime, parents of other looting children have also turned them over to police.

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