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'Phonehenge' creator ordered jailed by judge

A man who built a collection of strange structures in the Mojave Desert known as Phonehenge West has been convicted of a dozen misdemeanors.

July 8, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
The eccentric creator of an unusual Acton compound dubbed "Phonehenge West" is now behind bars.

Kim Fahey was ordered jailed for refusing to tear down the structures that a judge deemed to be a dangerous violation of codes.

Fahey and his supporters call the creation art.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Daviann Mitchell put off Kim Fahey's sentencing for code violations, but ordered him held in lieu of $75,000 bail for disobeying a previous order.

Mitchell said Fahey's "blatant refusal" to demolish the structures and disconnect electricity put his family, the community and first-responders at risk because the buildings pose a significant fire hazard. The judge had allowed Fahey to remain free pending sentencing on the condition that he follow the order.

"I did not want to put Mr. Fahey in custody. I wanted to work with Mr. Fahey. I gave him an opportunity," Mitchell said. "I don't think he has taken the public risk to heart. He has chosen to do nothing."

Fahey's sentencing on the building code violations was rescheduled to July 22. He could face several years in prison unless he removes his buildings. The judge said he can re-erect the structures as long as he obtains proper permits.

If he complies with the judge's order, he should get off with no more than a fine and community service, said his attorney Jerry Lennon.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.