50-foot tree falls on Sherman Oaks home


The tree had towered over the neighborhood in the 4800 block of Lemona Avenue for decades, and it came crashing down at about 1:30 a.m. By daybreak, neighbors couldn't help but come out and get a closer look.

"We always worried about it because it was such a big tree," said neighbor Francois Desrochers.

Three people at the home were evacuated, and the home next door is also off limits until the tree is removed - and that won't be easy.

"It is massive. If you look at even the limbs and the trunks themselves, I mean, it's the size of a tree by itself," Battalion Chief Steve Ruda with the Los Angeles City Fire Department.

The tree broke loose at its base, but it's unclear what made the tree to fall.

Fire crews say good construction is helping to prevent any more damage, but nearby homes were evacuated in case the tree slips more.

The bill to remove the tree will be the homeowner's responsibility because it is on the homeowner's property.

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