Cool Kid helps give students self confidence


"They have TV, games, a place to work on homework. So, I came in one day in my freshman year and said, 'I'd really like to give back, any chance I can offer some tutoring?'" recalled Carlos.

More than teaching math and English, the teen found a way to give his students self confidence.

"I always try, when I'm helping someone, to not just feed them the answers. I try to get them to get the answers and I'm sort of just lighting the way," said Carlos.

Carlos is a brilliant student and will be attending MIT in the fall to study chemical engineering. But, beyond that, he has goals that are global.

"We're reaching a crisis point with our planet. It would be really helpful if we can make some of the stuff we already do, cleaner, faster and more efficient," he said.

In spite of playing three sports, doing his school work and preparing for college, Carlos makes time for his neighborhood.

"Personally, I've always been sort of a fast worker in what I do. And I realized that with a little extra effort, I could make some impact," he said.

Carlos Domene is helping students in his city and looking for ways to help the Earth. That makes him our /*Cool Kid*/.

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