Pet Chihuahua chases away armed robbers


Paco the Chihuahua is loyal, caring, and knows no fear when confronting armed robbers.

"I'm going to put a cape on him I think," said owner Erik Knight.

Paco has been devoted to Knight for about five years. But when armed robbers burst into his Altadena shop, he gave a new meaning to the term "man's best friend." Paco chased them out of his business and across the street, nipping at their ankles the whole time.

"When I saw them pointing a gun at Paco, it just kind of sent a chill up my back," said Knight.

"I was shocked, because normally he's just really laid back," said neighbor Cecil Griffin. "He's just sitting back, taking it easy. So I finally told his owner he finally earned his keep. We've been feeding him all this time. Now look, he's not going to let anyone mess up his home."

It's no wonder Paco was protecting his home. He's become somewhat of a neighborhood mascot, walking business to business every day to visit his friends.

"I've known [Paco] for about a year and he just comes in the mornings and comes to see whoever is cleaning or opening the bar," said Leah Herbison.

Whether Paco's daytime strolls are to meet and greet or to protect, he's one community member the neighborhood can't live without.

"He was rescued, so I suggest everybody rescue a dog from the pound," said Knight. "You never know when you're going to need him."

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