UC Riverside feels sting of state budget cuts


The university is facing a $46 million shortfall in the wake of state budget cuts.

The UC Board of Regents raised tuition another 9.6 percent last week, bringing the total increase to 17.6 percent.

This coming school year, students will pay nearly $2,000 more for their undergraduate degrees.

Despite raising tuition for a second time this summer, the university needs to make an additional $12.8 million in cuts, which will translate to layoffs in faculty and staff.

"Despite our best efforts and enormous lobbying activity, these cuts are significant and will inflict real pain on individuals and programs," said UC Riverside Chancellor Timothy White in a statement Tuesday.

University officials have not said when the layoffs will take place, but nearly two-thirds will come from administrative support areas.

One area that will not feel the impact of budget cuts is financial aid.

"The university has a program in place that as fees increase one-third of that fee amount returns to financial aid and is given out in grants," said Cheryl Hayes, the UC Riverside director of financial aid.

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