Frank McCourt, MLB fight over Dodgers bankruptcy financing


A judge is considering whether Frank McCourt or the MLB should fund the team through the bankruptcy process.

Neither Frank or Jamie McCourt or MLB Commissioner Bud Selig were present for Wednesday's hearing.

Frank McCourt has been vowing that he is going to continue to keep control of the Dodgers. The big question is whether the judge will allow him to see his team through their bankruptcy using the financing that he arranged.

After hearing about eight hours of testimony and arguments, the judge told attorneys he wanted time to think and would try to issue a ruling by Thursday evening.

The Dodgers filed for bankruptcy protection on June 27, blaming Major League Baseball for refusing a week earlier to approve a multibillion-dollar TV deal with Fox Sports that McCourt was counting on to keep the troubled franchise afloat and meet payroll deadlines at the end of June.

Selig's rejection of the TV deal came after he took the extraordinary step in April of assuming control of the troubled franchise and appointing a monitor to oversee its day-to-day operations, saying he was concerned about the team's finances and how the Dodgers were being run.

The legal fights have had an impact on the Dodger team and the fans, as attendance has dropped.

If the judge sides in favor of the MLB it would be a big blow to McCourt's fight, but representatives say that it wouldn't be the end because there are several more issues to work out.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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