Evan's physical role in 'Captain America'


The film takes place during world war two with Chris Evans as the superhero helping America win the war.

"Captain America" is based on the classic Marvel comic.

"Going into these movies there's a built-in audience," Evans said. "There are people who have expectations and have an understanding of the character and you want to make sure you meet those expectations. If they go for the ride with you, hopefully that opens the door to sequels."

The "Captain America" role was a physical one. But Evans knew what he was getting into when he accepted the challenge.

"You definitely put the gloves on and get in the ring," Evans said. "The thing about Captain America is his powers aren't too fantastical. He's not flying all over the place. He's not shooting webs or bursting into flames. For the most part, he's a person with slightly heightened ability, and as a result, the action sequences rely on hand-to-hand combat so you are certainly stuck doing a lot of your own stunts and going home with some bumps and bruises."

The film also relies on special effects to help tell the story. Evans is digitally shrunk to be his character, Steve Rogers, before he transforms.

There are plenty of pyrotechnics, green screens and other movie magic.

There's even a moment where Captain America is running around barefoot.

"They ended up giving me these little fake rubber feet," Evans said. "They looked like feet to put on my own feet which actually, ultimately, didn't look that good. So they had to kind of end up going back and doing CGI over those feet."

"Captain America: The First Avenger" opens Friday.

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