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OTRC: Lindsay Lohan warned by judge during progress report

Lindsay Lohan appears in a still from her ad for Beezid. (Beezid.com)

Lindsay Lohan was strongly warned by Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner on Thursday to expedite the progress of the 480 hours of community service and counseling requirements of her probation sentence.

The actress returned to a Los Angeles courtroom on Thursday at a progress report hearing with Judge Sautner, who is overseeing her probation for drunken driving and misdemeanor theft cases, to discuss the progress on meeting the probation requirements set when it was ruled that she had violated her 2007 probation by being charged with theft in a missing $2,500 necklace case in April.

In addition to being sentenced to 120 days but served 35 days of house arrest due to prison overcrowding. She was also sentenced to three more years of probation. Lohan was ordered to complete 480 community service hours at a women's shelter and in a morgue. She was also ordered to undergo psychological counseling, attend a Shoplifter's Alternative course and pay several fines.

Lohan's house arrest sentence ended on June 29. She has paid her fines, completed 33 hours of her community service duties and has three sessions left on her Shoplifters Alternative course, her attorney, Shawn Holley, said.

The judge made it clear on Thursday that she must complete her community service hours within a year and warned that she will not be given more time to complete her hours, even if she is working on a film.

The judge also warned the actress that she has 21 days to enroll psychological counseling. If she fails prove she has enrolled in counseling, Judge Sautner will automatically revoke her probation and schedule a formal hearing. Holley said the actress had begun treatment with a psychiatrist at UCLA, as part of treatment under another judge's order. Lohan had to end her treatment because of financial reasons.

Earlier, the judge stated that she read Lohan had issues with her Screen Actors Guild insurance because a person must be a working full time actor to benefit. Judge Sautner said she knew Lohan did not have insurance for psychological counseling but suggested that Lindsay find a therapist who takes a credit card or get someone to help her afford the treatment.

In April, a judge had sentenced Lohan to jail after she pleaded guilty to theft in a missing $2,500 necklace case. It was determined that the charge constituted a violation of the actress' probation regarding a 2007 drunk driving and cocaine possession case.

Lohan turned herself in at a Los Angeles-area jail on May 26 and was told she could serve her sentence at home and be monitored electronically. The actress also had her punishment reduced from 120 days to 35. Lohan's house arrest was lifted on Wednesday at 10:20 a.m. local time, according to a police report obtained by OnTheRedCarpet.com.

In June, Lohan was scolded by a judge for testing positive for alcohol during her under house arrest. However, she ruled Lohan did not violate her probation by doing so. She also told the actress she could not longer have parties at home while serving her sentence.

Lohan served time in jail with other inmates several times for stints that have lasted between 84 minutes and 14 days - a sentence reduced from 90 days, mostly due to overcrowding.

While under house arrest, Lindsay Lohan shot a commercial in her home for the penny auction website BEEZID.com. She also plans to continue her film career and is set to play Kim Gotti in the new film "Gotti: Three Generations," which stars John Travolta as mob boss John Gotti, Sr., her character's father-in-law.

The actress recently celebrated her 25th birthday by attending a friend's going away dinner at the Lexington Social House in Hollywood, where she was hounded by photographers and nearly fell. The actress took to Twitter to defend her near-fall, posting a photo of her platform shoes, which she blamed along with the "psychotic paparazzi."

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