Cool Kid trains guide dogs to help others


"Knowing that someone's life is going to be changed because of the little puppy that was this big at one point," Wroblewski said, explaining her motivation behind training guide dogs.

Wroblewski was inspired when she learned how important guide dogs could be to someone's life. She is raising Autumn the golden retriever to be much more than just a companion.

"When they tell you the stories about the time the dog saved them when they were crossing the road, it makes you impressed that a little puppy can do that," Wroblewski said.

Autumn is Wroblewski's first training experience, but she said it won't be her last.

"I want to do more and I want to do them in college, because I can bring a dog to college with me then," Wroblewski said. "It's really rewarding. After you do one, you can't stop."

The goal of this training is to give Autumn to someone who needs her. And when that time comes, it will be a day of mixed emotions for Wroblewski.

"I'm going to be really proud of her," Wroblewski said. "I'll be really happy to know that she is going to be someone's confidant."

Wroblewski raises dogs for a life of service and helps enrich the lives of people in her community. That makes her our /*Cool Kid*/.

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