'Friends with Benefits' review: A laugh-out-loud rom-com


This is one of those romantic comedies where you pretty much figure out in the beginning how it's going to end so you just want to have a good time along the way. And I think you will, if you're OK with sex, a little nudity and a lot of four-letter words.

The actors all have fun with their roles. Patricia Clarkson's a hoot as Kunis' unconventional mom; Woody Harrelson is very funny and pretty dirty as Timberlake's gay co-worker; and Jenna Elfman and Richard Jenkins add a lot of heart to the film.

As for the stars, Kunis is just a natural and has great timing, while Timberlake gets better and more comfortable with every role.

"/*Friends with Benefits*/" had me smiling and laughing out loud.

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