Bryan Stow beating suspects appear in court


Louie Sanchez, 29, and Marvin Norwood, 30, both of Rialto, were in Los Angeles Superior Court. They are accused of beating Stow, 42, nearly to death in the Dodger Stadium parking lot on March 31 after the Dodgers' home opener.

The men were arrested Thursday and charged Friday with one count each of mayhem, assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury, and battery with serious bodily injury. The men, who are neighbors, were held in lieu of $500,000 bail.

Judge Shelly Torrealba denied a request to reduce Norwood's bail to $100,000 "based on the seriousness of the charges" and indications the defendant would be a threat to public safety if released.

A bail hearing for Sanchez was scheduled for Aug. 1.

Sanchez faces a maximum of nine years in prison, while Norwood faces up to eight years behind bars, according to prosecutors.

"Unfortunately, I still don't know what their case is based on," said attorney Gibert Quinones, who represents Sanchez. "My understanding, that there was a lineup. I don't have the information regarding the lineup yet."

Quinones said Sanchez does not fit the profile of someone who would commit the crime he is charged with. Quinones said Sanchez is a family man and has been a supervisor at an auto auction for many years.

Sanchez has several convictions for DUI and a conviction for evading the police for which he was sentenced to state prison.

Witnesses described Sanchez as the most aggressive of the assailants, allegedly kicking Stow in the face several times while he was on the ground. Witnesses also said Sanchez was very drunk at the game.

Norwood's attorney said his client is a full-time union carpenter who has lived at the same home for the last three years.

During the service of search warrants at Norwood's home, five firearms, including an AR-15 assault rifle, were recovered. An investigation revealed that both Norwood and Sanchez had access to the weapons.

Stow's attackers allegedly fled in a car driven by a woman. Dorene Virginia Sanchez, 31, the sister of Louie Sanchez and the wife or girlfriend of Norwood, was also arrested as an accessory. She was released Friday on $50,000 bail.

Witnesses told police that Dorene Sanchez seemed to be aware about the beating since she drove out of the parking lot at a high speed and was seen swiveling through traffic to get away.

She is scheduled to appear in court Aug. 19, according to Los Angeles County Jail records.

Eyewitness News has learned that Louie Sanchez's 10-year-old son has been interviewed by LAPD detectives. The boy was at the game with his dad, his aunt Dorene Sanchez and Norwood. He may have witnessed the attack on Stow and is said to have contributed to the investigation.

Louie Sanchez reportedly bragged to co-workers about the beating. However, LAPD detectives who contacted the co-workers said they are denying any bragging by him.

There's no indication that the suspects had any interaction with Stow inside the stadium. Stow was sitting in the outfield (pavilion) and the suspects were in general admission area almost across the way from Stow. There's no surveillance video of an allege dispute between Stow and suspects inside the stadium.

Stow remains hospitalized at San Francisco General Hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery after suffering a seizure due to a build of fluid on his brain.

The mayhem count alleges that they "did cut and disable the tongue, and put out an eye," but district attorney spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons said that was legal language and that Stow had not had his eye or tongue taken out.

"We believe that these two individuals may have assaulted other people at the stadium," LAPD Commander Andrew Smith told members of the media. "We're hoping that anyone who has video tape or anyone who has any information about that, especially anyone in Giants attire, would contact us."

Anyone with information in the case is asked to call (877) LAPD-247.

The Associated Press and City News Service contributed to this report.

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