Olivia Wilde thrilled to play different roles


"I'm keeping it interesting for myself, and hopefully, that means it's interesting for the audience as well," she said.

Wilde has been working consistently since her Hollywood debut in 2003. She's been able to divide her time between movies and TV, drama and comedy, and that's all part of her master plan.

This weekend, she stars in the action filled "Cowboys and Aliens." One week after that high-flying adventure, Wilde hits the screen in the raunchy R-rated comedy "The Change Up."

"At this point, people will accept me in several different types of things because they haven't gotten used to me in one, and if I can keep that going for the rest of my career, I'd be thrilled," she said. "To be able to do movies like 'Cowboys and Aliens' and 'The Change Up' and tiny little indies, and mix it all up constantly, that's a dream."

In "The Change Up", Wilde, Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman stretch the boundaries of what gives a comedy an R rating.

"I don't think we can push it too far. I think when it comes to comedy, I think the harder you push it, the better," Wilde said. "I think now, audiences are really primed for really outrageous comedy, and they expect it."

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