Masked robbers flash FBI badges in Burbank home invasion


The incident happened on the 1000 block of Fairmount Road, just south of DeBell Golf Club.

Police said the suspects were wearing ski masks and had badges identifying themselves as FBI agents when they barged into the home after midnight Wednesday.

When they got inside, the suspects made the man, wife and teenage son get down on the ground. Then, they demanded cash and forced the wife to show them where it was

It appeared the robbers knew what they were looking for. Authorities said the men went straight for a briefcase that contained possibly up to $20,000. They also grabbed some jewelry. The suspects took off on foot.

"To pick a house out of nowhere, it just raises suspicious with the police department," said Burbank police Sgt. Robert Quesada.

A person inside the home was slightly injured by one of the suspects but is expected to be OK.

Neighbors in this quiet community can't believe it happened here.

"This is very concerning. I was just texting my friend that you're really never safe anywhere," said neighbor Don Valenciano.

Burbank police do not have a lot to work with as the suspects hid their faces with masks. Authorities do believe that the men were in their 20s. The incident remained under investigation.

Police are hoping someone in the neighborhood saw something but many slept through the robbery. Residents said they will now take extra precautions.

"You check your windows once or twice. I'm glad I have a dog here," said a neighbor. "It's a little wake-up call for everybody here."

Anyone with information was asked to call /*Burbank*/ police at (818) 238-3000.

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