LAPD officers rescue man from committing suicide


LAPD officer Blair Roth was part of the team of police who stopped the suicidal man from jumping to his death. In home video shot by Jonathan Chia, the man is seen clinging to life by the hands of police officers.

"Basically, they're trying to grab him, it's actually by his underwear because they can't reach at the top of his pants because he has a belt on," Roth said.

Authorities had responded after getting a call about a person who had climbed over the security bars of a roof at a 13-floor apartment building in the 100 block of W. 7th Street at about 6 p.m. Police say the man was distraught over a breakup with his girlfriend.

"His legs are still swinging because he was being resistant at that point," Roth said.

According to LAPD Lt. Paul Vernon, the man who was trying to commit suicide was biting officer Rick Linton, who was holding on to him, but Linton kept a firm grip.

"In spite of the pain and the insult, (he) continues to hold on to the man," Vernon said in a statement.

Officers handcuffed the man to the grate, and then firefighters cut the grate and removed it and the man.

"That's what we're here to do sometimes, make them realize hey, now you got a second chance," Roth said.

The man was taken to a local hospital for evaluation and was placed on a 72-hour hold.

"What the public doesn't always realize or appreciate is, this is the kind of selfless acts their police officers perform daily," Vernon said.

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