Phony lawyer handled cases throughout California


Amardeep Singh Gill is not an attorney according to the O.C. District Attorney. But this past January he acted the part in an O.C. superior courtroom while trying to argue a civil case for a client suing his employer.

It is unknown how long the 44-year-old has been practicing. Gill's alleged undoing came after he failed to produce a state bar number.

"The judge kept asking him for it he was unable to provide it," said O.C. County Deputy D.A. Andrew Katz. "He came up with some cockamamie excuse saying his bar number was protected by a federal judge which makes no sense at all."

Investigators turned up empty handed after searching California state bar records, and haven't found evidence that he attended law school. They did however find Gill advertising his services at four California locations- including Lakewood, Bakersfield and San Jose.

At the Artesia office, there was a locked door and no answers. There was a posting advertising for employment opportunities for paralegals and lawyers dating back to 2003 when Gill allegedly established the practice.

"There is absolutely no record whatsoever of anybody with this defendant's name or date of birth, who is or ever has been authorized or licensed to practice law in the state of California," said Katz.

On his website, Gill and Associates, a wide variety of legal services are advertised. Investigators say it's uncertain how many clients Gill may have victimized and may continue to.

"We are afraid he is going to be fleecing people out of their money to provide services that he legally cannot provide," said Katz.

Gill is now facing 13 misdemeanors for impersonating an attorney.

Gill maintains his innocence and is representing himself in court, which is allowable under the law. He is currently free, but must post bail by Aug. 31 or face jail time.

If you have any information, call the O.C. District Attorney's Office at 714-347-8817.

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