Vista L.A.: Latinos adapting to a new economy

Originally aired Sun., July 31, at 11:30 a.m.

Jobs of tomorrow - Green jobs

Two non-profit organizations, LA CAUSA (Los Angeles Community Advocating for Unity, Social Justice and Action) and Grid Alternatives have joined forces to spearhead the green revolution. They provide on-the-job training in solar panel installation to disadvantaged youth and displaced workers [Watch video].

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National Society of Hispanic MBAs

The National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) works to increase the number of Hispanics pursuing a master's degree in business administration through scholarships, awareness programs and mentorship. They also enhance career management opportunities for Hispanic MBAs from school to leadership positions, through job placement and professional development [Watch video].

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Start-up company - Cobá

Arnulfo Ventura used what he learned at the Stanford Graduate School of Business to launch a business idea. He co-founded Cobá, a beverage company that took aguas frescas, a drink familiar in Latino cultures, and put them in a bottle [Watch video].

A legacy in banking - Leticia Aguilar

Union Bank Senior Vice President Leticia Aguilar has become a leader in L.A.'s Latino community. The Mexican immigrant rose through the ranks in banking and now leads a team of more than 800 employees throughout Southern California [Watch video].

Financial literacy for youth

Banking on our Future is a free five-week program teaching youth at Boys & Girls Clubs throughout Los Angeles the importance of financial literacy. The curriculum is designed by Operation Hope, a non-profit which brings economic empowerment to underserved communities, and the courses are taught by professionals in the banking world [Watch video].

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Jesus Arguelles and Ramcast Steel

Business consultant Jesus Arguelles inspires small and mid-sized Latino family-owned businesses to think big and plan for the future. One of his clients, Ramcast Steel, is applying many of his business concepts to land larger contracts and create jobs in local communities [Watch video].

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