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OTRC: Steve Carell talks 'Crazy Stupid Love' and 'A-plus' cast - See video

Steve Carell appears in a press junkett for 'Crazy Stupid Love.'

In "Crazy Stupid Love" Steve Carell plays loving husband Cal, who learns that his wife (Julianne Moore) had an affair with a co-worker and wants a divorce. While attempting to rebound from the shock and separation from his wife, Cal meets Jacob (Ryan Gosling) who teaches him the art of seduction and helps boost his confidence to try to win his wife back.

"It's very surprising," Carell, who also produced the film said about the movie in an interview provided by Warner Brothers Pictures. "It isn't what you'd expect and I think that's good in a summer movie. It's fun but there's also some depth to it. 'Oh, I want to see the movie with all the depth.'"

He jokes, "Saying that a movie has depth is not necessarily going to entice loads of people to come see it."

The cast also includes Emma Stone, Marisa Tomei and Kevin Bacon. "These are really A-plus people," Carell said about the cast. "Generally when a movie is populated with like that you can tell that they all like this script and they all want to be a part of it."

The title of "Crazy, Stupid, Love" was up in the air for much of production and cast and crew members were asked to contribute ideas. and Emma Stone took the task slightly less seriously than some of her co-stars.

"There was a contest, we had to send in titles for the movie and there were some pretty good

ones," Stone said. "'Titanic 2' - I thought that was good. 'Tyler Perry's Crazy Stupid Love,' mine were all kind of that way. 'Avatar 2.' I just kind of wanted to be a really major movie and this is the sequel to it, so you should definitely come see it. Who doesn't want to see 'Titanic 2: The Search for Jack and Rose'?"

"It's not a movie that wraps everything in a big, perfect, bow, which is why I liked 'Little Miss Sunshine,'" Carell added. "The people in it change and they evolve but it..you know like life, it's not necessarily perfect but no less satisfying because of that."

The film, which opened on July 28, came in fifth place for the box office weekend with a solid $19.3 million.

Check out the trailer for "Crazy Stupid Love" below.

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