Egypt's prosecutor summons Mubarak to trial


The summons is a clear indication that Mubarak will have to appear in court despite questions about his health.

The former Egyptian leader is accused of ordering the killing of protesters during the February uprising that forced him from power.

If he does appear at Wednesday's opening session in a makeshift courtroom at the national police academy, Mubarak will face an audience of 600 people, including relatives of some of the 850 protesters killed in the crackdown during the 18-day uprising.

Mubarak is currently in a hospital being treated for heart problems.

Activists believe Mubarak's health is being used as a ruse to postpone the proceedings and they accuse Egypt's ruling military council, whose head was Mubarak's longtime defense minister, of dragging its feet on the prosecution of the ex-president and other key members of his regime.

Egyptian troops clashed Monday with a small group of protesters camping out in Cairo's Tahrir Square to press demands for faster change and justice for demonstrators killed.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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