Applicants optimistic about finding love on 'Bachelor' or 'Bachelorette'


Since 2002, ABC shows attracted hundreds of people who have utilized reality TV in their attempt to look for love.

The odds aren't the best. On the shows, we've seen two marriages.

For some, it's hard to imagine a bachelor or bachelorette would subject themselves to all the on-camera drama, but you'd be wrong. Just ask any of the women who turned up for a recent casting call in /*New York City*/.

The crowd was made up of mainly women, but a handful of men were also taking their chances on love.

"I thought I met 'Mrs. Right' a few years ago, but turns out she was only looking for a green card," said one male applicant.

Fans of the show know it doesn't have the best track record for long-lasting relationships, so why risk it all?

"Why not?" was what many applicants said.

The timeless quest for true love appears to be alive, even if it happens on a reality show.

"I think you can find love anywhere," said one man. "It just takes the right person and the right timing."

One woman said it doesn't matter where you find love.

"People find true love on the subway, people find true love, you know, at the gym. What's the difference?" she asked.

If it sounds intriguing to you, you can apply or nominate someone for a future season of "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette."

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