Make good toast w/ different breads, toppings


One toasty slice of bread with some savory toppings could satisfy your craving for a sandwich.

Some call toast an edible plate, because there is so much you can do with it.

Whether it's for breakfast, lunch or an appetizer, making the most out of one piece of toast can be a dieter's dream.

The truth is your body is more satisfied with a meal or snack when you give it a little - not a lot - of carbohydrate.

The right type of bread helps make that happen. Excellent choices to start with range from sourdough English muffins, dense grainy bread, to the new "sandwich thins" found at most grocery stores.

Add your toppings and you'll have the best new taste treat to liven your work week.

For breakfast, a toasted sourdough muffin with scrambled egg, soy sausage or Canadian bacon and tomato is fabulous.

But if protein is tough to take in the morning, how about a toasted whole wheat sandwich thin with crunchy nut butter, banana and dried tart cherries?

If you're looking for a little more texture to your bite, try grilling your bread to create that decadent crunchy surface. Top it with ricotta cheese, a little prosciutto, sliced peaches topped with a drizzle of honey.

Or how about a little Caprese? For your own little Italy, put together a thin grilled slice of grainy bread, artichoke pesto, and a bit of sliced Mozzarella topped with Bruchetta, sliced Kalamata olives and basil.

Smart chefs go with seasonal produce like a south of the border take on toast. Spread some Greek yogurt on crostini and top it with chopped mashed avocado, grilled corn sprinkled with paprika and add salsa or cilantro if desired.

If you don't like what you see here, remember you have a small slice of carbohydrate, some protein, produce, and a little bit of heart-healthy fat for your own little slice of heaven.

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