Stevie Nicks greets fans at Amoeba Records


It's a hit on the Billboard charts and Nicks wants it to stay that way. She went to Amoeba Records in Hollywood to meet fans and sign copies of her first solo album in 10 years.

"It's hard to sell records in this day and age, unless you're Lady Gaga or unless you're in that youthful kind of dance performance artist thing," said Nicks. "Which is great, but then there are the rest of us."

Nicks performed the first single off the album on "/*Dancing With The Stars*/" back in May and she hasn't stopped since.

"I will stand out on a street corner if I have to and play these songs with a boom box and a TV track if I have to get these songs out to the public," said Nicks.

Nicks has been bringing us songs since the 1970s, proving a classic never goes out of style because she's still singing.

Her longtime fans couldn't be happier. One woman drove in from Portland, Oregon.

"I love Stevie Nicks and I've never met her," said fan Anita Kayed. "I've been a fan for about 28 years and I've seen about 102 concerts."

"I've followed her for about 35 years," said Doug Shipley. "And like Anita, I have never met her and it's my life's dream too."

The songs included on "In Your Dreams" involve life and love. But there's also a social relevance; everything from hurricane Katrina, Sept. 11, and U.S. troops.

"I just feel that, we as musicians and songwriters, we have a job," said Nicks. "And that is to, whether you're Bob Dylan or whether you're me, we have a job to try to not only write good romantic music, but we're also kind of reporting the news as we go along also."

"In Your Dreams" is in stores now.

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