Cool Kid helps kids in sheriff's department summer camp

MALIBU, Calif.

"You want to see them learn and grow, to learn things that will change their life. It's not just this week and then just forget about it, but to learn about making right decisions and staying away from stuff." says Parker.

At the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's STAR (Success Through Awareness and Resistance) Camp, Parker teaches life lessons. In turn he hopes to see these kids share what they have learned.

"It feels really great," said Parker. "You just hope that maybe they can down the road help to influence someone else, or help to keep those characteristics with them."

Some of the campers have come from difficult situations. Parker says he's got some important goals for them.

"Probably learning from their mistakes and then making good decisions in the future, because of those past experiences to change and become better," says Parker.

Parker has been coming to the camp for most of his life. And he's got big plans to keep returning.

"We have this kind of relationship from last year and you can go even further and help to influence them more," says Parker. "And when you come back year after year, you know that you're making a lasting impact."

"Success Through Awareness and Resistance": That personifies our Cool Kid, Parker Amstutz.

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