Shaquille O'Neal ex- employee reveals inside information in lawsuit


A disgruntled former employee says he has damaging evidence against the former NBA star in a civil racketeering lawsuit.

The lawsuit is filled with dirty laundry. The plaintiff, former friend and ex-employee Shawn Darling, says O'Neal has intentionally inflicted emotional distress upon him.

Now Darling says he is fighting back with inside information about O'Neal's most personal communications with his police buddies and lady friends.

O'Neal was a one-time reservist for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and Miami Beach Police Department. Yet now this champion for law enforcement is now accused of shady activities.

Darling says he was O'Neal's computer guy, privy to all O'Neal emails and text messages. In the lawsuit he alleges that he helped O'Neal wipe his computer memory clean of messages that could implicate him in a stalking case.

In another instance, it was alleged mistress Vanessa Lopez accusing O'Neal of sending harassing texts.

According to the suit, Darling had information that O'Neal cheated on his wife Shaunie with many more people than Lopez.

But Darling's friendship with O'Neal took a turn. In the suit, Darling alleges that O'Neal then enlisted police friends in a "mission to discredit, destroy and ruin Darling and make sure that Darling's proof of O'Neal's numerous bad acts would never see the light of day."

A spokesman for O'Neal says that O'Neal would not dignify the accusations with a statement when the suit was filed last year and the same goes for now.

Yet the recent filing gives more specifics than last year's suit. It alleges that a Miami Beach Police Sergeant and a Tempe Arizona detective among others plotted to frame Darling for possession of child pornography and have him arrested for it.

A text allegedly from O'Neal says, "Boy needs to be put in jail, we have way to many law enforcement connection o let a criminal try to get over on mine o mine."

The Miami Beach Police Department says: "Our internal affairs has not been contacted about any allegation of wrongdoing. If it is, we will look at that allegation."

Yet Darling alleges he has the evidence to prove the plot. Darling's attorney says that O'Neal forgot, and that all his emails and texts were automatically forwarded to Darling, his damage control guy, even after their fallout.

On Thursday a Miami judge ordered the text messages temporarily sealed. Many of them contain explicit sexual material.

There will be a hearing later this month to determine whether they should be made public.

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