Oxnard teen murder trial: Marine brother testifies


Brian McInerney, who served a tour of duty in Iraq, is an older brother of Brandon McInerney, the defendant standing trial for the killing of 15-year-old Larry King in an eighth grade classroom in Oxnard in 2008.

On the witness stand, Brian McInerney was questioned about his family's knowledge of neo-Nazi history and possible White supremacy beliefs. He was also questioned about a drawing apparently done by his brother that depicted a German cross with a Third Reich SS symbol, a swastika and the words "White Pride World Wide."

Brian told the jury that he and his brother studied the Nazis as part of a World War II reenactment group they were involved with. He claims they have never had ties to any racist White supremacy groups.

McInerney was also questioned about several guns he and his family owned, including the one his younger brother used in the shooting.

"I shot that gun several times with my grandfather, real cheap gun. If I was going to shoot somebody, I would never use that gun," the Marine said.

The defense is attempting to build a case on claims that McInerney shot King in a moment of passion and anger due to unwanted sexual advances by King, who was gay. They are hoping the jury decides manslaughter, not murder.

McInerney is charged with first degree murder and a hate crime because King was gay. The defense claims McInerney was in part driven to such violence because of a troubled abusive childhood. Several family members who testified in court say the abuse happened at the hands of his father, who died several years ago.

"I'd seen him spank Brandon before, I've seen him pull Brandon's ear before. When Brandon was a little older, I'd seen him sock Brandon before," said Brian McInerney.

This case has gone on for more than a month. The prosecution has wrapped up its case. The defense is expected to wrap up its case by the end of the week.

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