College AC units keeping neighbors up all night


It might seem like a quiet street in suburbia, but if you listen, Acacia Avenue in Glendale isn't quite so tranquil.

The culprits are these industrial air conditioners that provide cool air to the recently expanded Garfield campus of /*Glendale Community College*/.

The units are right behind a small retaining wall, but the houses and apartments are only a few feet away.

Residents say one AC unit was bad enough, but a new unit added a few months ago has made the noise levels unacceptable.

The college says the building plans were approved by the state, but they are planning to install acoustic blankets over the coolers to reduce some of the noise.

Alfred Ramirez is an associate dean at the college. He says air conditioners were running in the middle of the night only because they were being tested. But that shouldn't be an issue in the future.

Examining the design reveals a cinderblock wall insulating the college from the noise. But there is no such wall for the neighbors in back.

"So we may have to look into other items, I'm not sure at this point," said Ramirez.

Glendale Community College officials say they will continue working with residents to try and come up with more solutions, but for now, it appears that higher learning in the neighborhood also means higher decibel levels.

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