'Spy Kids 4' director compares Jessica Alba to spy


/*Alba*/, who was pregnant with her second daughter at the premiere of "/*Spy Kids 4*/," had her first daughter with her on the set of "/*Machete*/."

"She was trying to get to the set. She was all dressed up, but the baby's diaper exploded," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said seeing Alba working while taking care of her baby made him think about the comparisons between spies and actresses.

"I thought, this is almost like a spy, you know, being an actress is kind of like being a spy," he said. "If she was a spy, having to do all the things that moms have to do, that even though they have to take care of the baby, they still got to get the day's work done. I wanted to do that sort of tribute to the whole idea."

Working with Rodriguez allowed the new mom to get some sound advice from a veteran working dad.

"He's a father of five, and he's done incredible work, you know, through having all his kids, and all of that. It just seems so crazy to be able to commit that much time to a film, but then also to be a parent," Alba said.

Alba says it's always a struggle to find balance between family and work.

"Time flies so fast, and so there were all these themes that just kept reoccurring in our conversations, and he definitely brought that to this movie."

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