Mississippi man drives 1,400 miles for favorite pizza

Stoughton, Mass.

David Shuler lives in Mississippi but grew up loving "Town Spa Pizza" in Stoughton, Massachusetts.

He loves it so much, that he drove 1,400 miles through 16 different states for 24 hours to get 150 vacuumed sealed pies for take-out.

He says the pizza is so unique that it's definitely worth the drive.

"It's the crust," said pizza lover Shuler. "The way they make the crust, it is so tender and the way the sauce on the pizza, it's different from anything around here."

It's not the first time Shuler has made the trip. Last year he did it, but only ordered 100 pizzas.

In case you want to make the drive to Massachusetts yourself, make sure you take cash because the restaurant doesn't take credit cards.

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