OC dry-cleaning manager sentenced to life for rapes


Jaime Zamora Ramirez, 42, of Costa Mesa was found guilty by a jury July 20 of forcibly raping a friend and a minor female, both of whom he met through work.

In October 2008, Ramirez went out dancing with some friends, including his first victim. After the victim came back home, Ramirez knocked on her door and asked for a beer to take back to a neighbor's home. One of those neighbors noticed Ramirez talking to the victim, and the two argued about whether Ramirez was bothering her or not. Shortly after the argument, Ramirez barged into the victim's apartment, forced her onto the bed and raped her.

In July 2009, Ramirez, who worked as a manager at First Class Cleaners in Fountain Valley, told a minor employee to come over to his home so he can give her some paperwork to bring back to work. When the minor arrived, Ramirez lured her to his bedroom, pretending to give her the paperwork. When she came into his room, Ramirez locked the door and raped her.

The second victim threatened to report the rape, but Ramirez told her he knew that she was an undocumented immigrant. He said if she reported the incident, no one would believe her.

After her co-workers convinced her, the victim eventually reported the rape to the Costa Mesa Police Department.

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