Mich. driver causes wreck trying to stop car w/ feet


Police said a 24-year-old in Roseville, Mich. decided to drive his truck, even though he knew the brakes didn't work.

Dash cam video from police, who were quickly on his tail, shows the car swerving erratically as the driver stuck his feet out of the door, attempting to stop the vehicle.

Police said the man was not impaired by alcohol or drugs. He just said he honestly thought he could stop the truck with his feet.

"He admitted or knew that he had no brakes and decided to drive anyhow. And going down a major highway like Groesbeck in the middle of rush hour at 40 miles an hour, it's just amazing that this wasn't much more severe than it actually turned out to be," said Roseville Police Chief James Berlin.

The man drove over two miles before crashing into four vehicles and finally coming to a stop.

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