Baby in stroller seen in truck bed; baby sitter arrested


Several drivers in Daytona Beach called 911 after they spotted the truck driving down the road.

"There's a truck going down Mason Avenue heading east with a baby stroller in the back of the truck with a baby in it," said one caller to the police dispatcher.

One driver followed the pickup for several miles until police caught up to the truck. It was a potentially dangerous situation, but luckily, there wasn't an accident.

Keyona Davis, 23, explained to the court that she had been baby-sitting without any problems since she was a teen. She said she didn't realize police would consider her idea of transportation as endangering a child.

"It's not like they give you a handbook or anything on how, what's neglect and what's not neglect," she said.

Davis' public defender argues a charge of felony neglect is too harsh because the baby wasn't hurt.

But the state of Florida and the judge saw the incident caught on video as very disturbing, and the charge stood.

Authorities agreed to release Davis on her own recognizance, but she was ordered to stay away from the child.

The man behind the wheel of the pickup truck was cited for careless driving.

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