Passenger fatally stabbed on Metro Red Line


A passenger was stabbed to death on a moving subway train near the Hollywood and Vine Station. Police are now searching for the suspect.

The Hollywood and Vine station was closed and passengers were shuttled to other stations as authorities investigated the incident.

The man was fatally stabbed around 7:30 p.m. A passenger says a scuffle broke out between a man who appeared to be drunk and another man with a skateboard.

"The guy who was bleeding, ultimately he pulled out a chain and he's wanting to hit this guy," said witness Mark Aucoin. "And the guy is kind of blocking with his skateboard. And the guy is very intent on hitting him with a chain."

According to Aucoin, as the commotion escalated the man swinging the chain suddenly fell to the ground.

"I don't know if he stabbed him or if he pushed him and he fell on a bicycle pedal," said Aucoin. "I don't know what caused the bleeding."

Witnesses say the wounded man was bleeding heavily and some passengers attempted to assist him. The man with the skateboard took off.

"He was saying, 'I didn't really do nothing. It was self defense,'" said Aucoin.

Police describe the suspect as a man in his twenties. They say he fled the scene carrying two skateboards.

The Metro line has been opened since 1993.

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